I didn't take a before photo on purpose cause it was going to be a
 simple make over, nothing overly special just a free flaky clear
coated maple nightstand, sanded and painted white.

I grab the camera and took this photo on the left once
knew this was going to turn into something special (right).

DURING                           AFTER

I didn't think it had that one of a kind, fabulous feel I always look
 for in my finished piece ... so I went hunting thru my lumber odds
and ends to see what if anything I could use to jazz it up with.

Before I knew it I found 2 harp arms from an antique wash stand,
 they are the side pieces that hold a towel bar or mirror in place.

 I've tried to use them several times but to no avail.
Now I know why they were never used before now,
they were ment for this piece.

The vintage drawer handle came from the wash stand as well.
The exterior and interior were all white washed.

The finished profile of this little table is wonderful and so different
than when I started to work with it.

This table found a place in our home right away.

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