TALL CUSTOM BUILT BED - our french country bedroom

Two areas of our new bedroom I haven't shared yet are GG's bedside and the bed itself.
This room was all about using
found pieces I love. I am also
sharing how I built our bed.

GG's bedside cabinet isn't that different from mine and they 
stand much higher than a normal nightstand.We are both 
very happy with them and they have great storage. They are 
painted in a creamy white AS Chalk Paint and distressed.
You can see a before pic of the nightstand cabinets here:

The mirror on his bedside is a vintage tri fold mirror left over
from a vanity project I worked on years ago. The mirror has 
arms down the back that are screwed directly to the cabinet 
making it one piece. To see my bedside click here:

The wall art is a true vintage fabric flour sack I found & 
purchased second hand. The frame is also vintageThe whole thing cost less than $5 and I smile every time I see it. I have never found that feeling from something with a sticker on it saying *made in China*

You can see how I built this bed frame below. This frame
 supports a box spring storage box and is built on a slight
 angle with the head being a few inches higher for our TV
 watching. The legs are 4x4 posts that will slide on the floor 
when I need to move the bed. The space under the frame is
 one of our most valuable storage areas in the house. The 
summer fans and our golf bags have to fit under the bed.

My headboard attaches to the wall not the frame and I prefer 
it with the straight side at the top. But I can always change
 my mind if I like.

Because I have a storage box spring a conventional bed skirt
 wouldn't work. I made my bed skirt from 6 yard sale curtain
 panels and a staple gun. They were 100% cotton tab top
 curtains. I divided the width in half and torn them length
 wise. The frayed edge was the look I wanted at the bottom. 
The top edge which was the finished edge was gathered and
 stapled to my wood bed frame all the way around.
If you were a sewer you could use Velcro.

You can see more photos of our Bedroom try these links:

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