BENCH MADE FROM CHAIRS painted in turquoise annie sloan

If you are thinking of creating
a bench from a pair of chairs
I'm happy to offer a tip or two on how I did mine.


I have built a lot of benches in my time and some can be hard
 and some can be easy. The squareness of these pine chairs I
 chose for this next bench project made it simple to screw
them together, side by side. I also chose pine slats for the seat
portion, screwing them down on the ends. Pine is a soft wood
 and is easy to drill and screw into. Keep it simple and when
 adding something repeat the existing pattern that is already
 there. In this case the seat boards are in the same style as the
 backs of the chairs. It looks intentional and meant to be.
A solid board on the seat would look out of place.



I painted the bench with Annie Sloan's Provence Blue,
 distressed it with 80 grit sandpaper before clear waxing it.

It is an excellent way to recycle old chairs for a new life. We 
all use benches on the porch, in the entry, at the dining table,
 at the foot of the bed, or even in a large bathroom.
Take advantage of the construction that already exists and 
make it work for your home. Don't over think this project.

vintage switch plates
 vintage hardware