This AFTER picture is a project I recently undertook
for added privacy while covering a window and it's my
current view when watching TV. I also used a pair of
lighted wall sconces to replace some of the lost light
from the window.

 The BEFORE picture below is from my first Christmas in this house, many years ago. You can see my
 devoted furry friend in the bottom right behind the curtain. She is sitting on her shelf in front of her
 doorway that is installed in the window, it's a little doggy door I put together for her when she first
came to live with me. This past summer after 14 years together she has past away and I'm truly devastated.
She was with me during some very tough years and as I type the tears still run down my cheeks.
 The window has always been covered with something for privacy. Now that there is no little door I
have put up a more solid covering with vintage louvered doors I painted. They are all hinged together
 which helps them stand and stay together. The middle four were an inch shorter then the outside ones
 which looks too funny for my taste and I had wires that needed to get to the TV. So I lifted the
middles ones an inch off the floor to line up with the tops of the outside ones and secured them in
 place with the hinges. The cable wire and power cord now slide under neither in that 1 inch gap and
connect to the TV.
This project was the last large thing I got to complete before being stricken down with a good
ole shoulder injury that has stopped most work and decent sleep around this house for the last 2
 weeks. It hurts to even use the computer. The up side is I have had time to experiment with some
small things including some ideas I've had for new designs with old hardware. Check out these
 different designs now available at Firstfinds Etsy Shop. 2 sizes of jute wrapped handles (3 inch and
 2.5 inch) and my new Sea Urchin knobs.


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