STENCILED SIGNS - inspiration

I have been teaching a hand painted stencil
sign class at The Passionate Home using old
kitchen cabinet doors. Here is a look at seven
signs that I have help the students to create.
Included is a Paris apartment sign in grey and
a Paris bed & breakfast in yellow. We made
a red Patisserie and a white Patisserie sign with
an added touch of a ladle to hold a candle when
the power goes out. The 2 beach signs were a
lot of fun and we also did a kitchen chalkboard
tray from a large cabinet door.

This sign was originally a medium oak cabinet door. It has a base coat of graphite and a top coat of
Duck egg. It has been water distressed and dark wax used in the routered edge only for an aged effect. The stencil is done in graphite and the vintage handle is pure white that is clear and dark waxed.

 This started as a white melamine cabinet door. It was brushed with multiple colors to achieve a
weathered beach effect. The stencil was done in pure white and a silver starfish was added.

This was an old Christmas sign that was covered over with AS Pure White. The graphic was done in
 AS Graphite then clear waxed. The sign was also embellished with a vintage spoon that can be
 used to hold a tea light when there is a power outage.

This was a larger tan colored oak cabinet door that has been turned into a chalk board. Annie Sloan
 Graphite was used to make the chalk board portion, you do not wax it! The frame was painted with
 Emperors Silk and dark waxed. The stenciling and handles were done in AS Pure White.

Here is a discarded china cabinet door painted with Emperors Silk and dark wax. The handle is
 original to the cabinet and was painted right over. No distressing on this sign and AS Arles
 was used for the stenciling.

Another regular tan colored oak kitchen cabinet was turned into a great beach house sign.
Pure white was used on the cabinet and the stencil was painted with AS Provence. I heard
this one was going to get some glass knobs added later, maybe for hanging your beach towels from.

Napoleonic Blue was used for this stencil over AS Cream (I think, my memory is going)
This sign was going home to be hung by chains like a sidewalk street sign in the artist's kitchen.
If you are interested in signing up for the next class scheduled in August call the store directly at

Hope to see you there!!

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