STORE DISPLAY - displaying books

I went into town and had a play date with Carrie of The Passionate Home.
My friend owns this amazing store off of a little courtyard on the main drag of our town. Every so
 often she asks me if I would like to come in and build a display in the store front. She had just
got a large order of designer decorating books in and it was time to show them off. The creative
monster in me wanted I try finding unconventional ways to display the books.
I used a tractor seat, and stacked books on some clay pots, I used a concrete bird bath and some
kind of trough, I put books in wooden garden totes and built a display on a giant crock pot,
 some were piled on top of a cabinet and some displayed on a chair, and in the middle
of it all there is a desk just waiting to be noticed.


These books should cause some great decorating inspiration
and they would all look super on the coffee table.


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