THE GREAT ADVENTURES OF MRS. P. - white bedroom display


The Passionate Home and 4 the love of WOOD have teamed up for the summer to have some fun and to bring you a grand story told through the Passionate Home store displays.

And so The Great Adventures Of Mrs. P. continue ...

Carrie and I took another adventure this week with Mrs. P.

We decided to take a look inside her drawers and create her bedroom right in the middle of the shop,
 with a glimpse of her taste in beautiful clothes and classic jewelry.

I'll bet if you have been in The Passionate Home you never saw all these amazing pieces.
I didn't see them until Mrs. P stepped through the front doors.

I personally have a white rabbit living at the end of my hallway and when I see him watching over
 things it makes me feel a bit child like and happy. It doesn't matter how old we
get we can still remember how good it felt to have magic in our lives as a child.

Being a figment of my imagination Mrs. P must have great taste in furniture,
and this vintage solid oak cabinet with crystal door knobs doesn't disappoint.
Let me show you a close up of the ornate top ...

Every Sunday night after dinner Mrs. P carries all her candles one by one and sets them up
in the bathroom where the water runs for her long soak in the tub.
I'm usually fighting for the remote on Sunday nights, how about you Carrie?

A local artist dropped off some new items while Mrs. P was visiting and I couldn't
help but include one of their lovely pink rose book marks with her bedside reading.

As soon as you have a chance please come into The Passionate Home and check out the
new bedroom display and see if you can see Mrs. P hanging out close by.
Our summer displays will only be lasting a week or two before we set out on another adventure
to discover the life and world of Mrs. P.

Thank you for following along and keep watching for our next journey.
We don't even know where Mrs. P is taking us! 

The first install can be read here. 

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