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I've been wanting to write a weekly post to share some of the long winded answers I type out in email that answer some of the questions I receive. Here are 3 Q&A about paint and one regarding humidity and furniture ..... 
Hi Kristy (and George)
I love your blog.  Thank you so much for all your work and ideas - and sharing your techniques.  very much appreciated. I am curious about paint.  I have never used chalk paint.  I cannot get it where I live (remote rural - shipping costs would be out of this world).  I think? it is probably a lot like primer though as primer is kind of chalky, so I am wondering what the difference is between actual chalk paint and primer?  Can I use one rather the other? L
Hey L
When I first heard about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint I thought the same way you are now thinking. Primer is kind of chalky and I was using it to achieve all my decorative paint finishes, so what is the big deal? I was close minded about this Chalk Paint wave sweeping the American DIY community 2 years ago. I had followers asking me what I thought of it, other bloggers asking if I had tried it yet, so it was my job to test it out. I was already friends with the ladies at The Passionate Home and when their FB page read that they had just got the ASCP in, I drove down and bought it that afternoon. I looked Miss Carrie (the shop owner) square in the face and said “I’m going to try it and I’m going to tell the truth about it” That same afternoon I used it and I was changed forever. For years I used conventional paint products to create vintage paint finishes but now with ASCP it was fun. I have described many different technics through my blog articles but the reality of the paint is … try it, you’ll never be the same. I know shipping can be an issue but at least reach out to find out what the shipping is. And one last note, the final finish on a piece painted in ASCP by me is not chalky to the touch, it is silky smooth!
Next Question from another L ....
Hello, Great blogspot--thanks for all your great articles. I noticed something about Chalk Paint and it seems like you can use it on pretty much any surface? I have a brand new desk, cheap from Target, that is dark brown and I would like to paint it white or cream. Do you think Chalk Paint would work on a brand new surface? Do you know of any stores around Cloverdale, BC that might sell it?
Thank you, L
Hey L
Chalk paint will certainly work on a new surface and it is available at:
The Passionate Home
20506 Fraser Hwy
Langley BC
604 532 5931
The ladies at the store can address any questions you have in person and are always happy to help.
Next Question ....

Hi Kristy
I wonder if I can ask you what your opinion is on the different brands of chalk paint?
I have always used Annie Sloan, but have discovered Maison blanche, and CeCe Caldwell as well....
have you used them? any opinions you can share? thanks for any advice you can offer!
all the best,

Hey T
I promote you using what works best for you and your situation.
I have used CECE and find it doesn’t go as far as ASCP and is not as smooth to apply.
I have not used Maison Blanche.
These are all new companies in the wake of ASCP success.
For me I prefer ASCP simply because it has proven the test of time being developed over 23 years ago. Any kinks have been worked out, the company understands their product, and they stand behind it. Here in Canada we have a few different paint companies trying to compete in the market developing their own versions and it would seem because in their haste product spokes ppl are not fully educated on how their paint performs. As these products are being used by customers I am receiving increased numbers of questions and pleas as to why they don’t work like ASCP.
Plz just educate yourself and understand all the products are different and will behave in different ways. As you well know I prefer the building process and painting is the last step to that, so I need it to be simple and straight forward. If you wish to experiment as a painter, get out there and try some of these different paints.

Final Question ....

Hi Kristy! 

I managed to snap up a huge buffet, but we are having some incredibly wet weather in So. Ontario. I am without air-conditioning or humidity control and the doors and drawers are swelling and sticking - is there anything I should do? I really really can't afford a dehumidifier (may not be one available anywhere in town anyhow). How much should I worry? Should I rob a bank? Best wishes, G
Hey G,

As long as there is no direct water damage the swelling will come back down when it dries. Most damage occurs when drawers and doors are swelled and stuck and we humans force them open. Let it dry on its own after the weather changes. Keep an eye on it though. Even buckled surfaces usually flatted out again.

Thank you to everyone who stops in to comment and send your emails.




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