This post is not about
a piece of furniture or
how to, it's simple about
what is going on with us.

I spend my weekends with this handsome man as much as possible

This past weekend was no different.
We went yard sailing and found a few items to play with. 
George found a Montreal book for his reading pleasure and
 I found a broken stool to fix. I got 4 metal  brackets that I 
will paint white and I really didn't need the 7-UP crate but 
bought it anyway. I will find a spot for it or eventually pass it
 along. I found a tall white milk bottle I am going to collect 
dines in, which is all about another story for another day.

On to another important topic ...
I love luxurious clean, fluffy bedding and I change my sheets almost weekly. I have over 20 full sets of bedding and my
husband always helps to change the bedding.

When the weather is nice I like to spread out and right now
the weather is great!
Right now I have several pieces on the go, including a hall tree, a bed, a closet, a storage trunk, a console dresser, and a coffee table.

I always hope to find the time to write articles on project but the truth is they take quite a bit of time to write with coordinating pictures. And I don't think I am that great at it.

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