MY INSPIRATION - bedroom hanger

INSPIRATION                                      MY CREATION
The inspiration for my CURBSIDE TO COAT RACK (right) was this amazingly beautiful
photo (left) I found on pinterest. I'd like to link to it however it was one of those photos used
to directly you to another unrelated advertising site.
As you can see from the inspiration photo this is definitely something that can be used in a bedroom
not just as a formal hall tree for coats.
Formal viewing of my coat rack is tonight April 18, 2013 ...
If you are local you can view my hall tree along with the other
upcycled art at the Langley Arts Council gallery exhibit
6:30 – 9:30pm 20550 Fraser Highway

More information can be found at the Township of Langley Web site

Don't forget to stop into Firstfinds Etsy to see all the new shabby chic handles.

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  1. That's a darn good knock off. You nailed it. And probably glued it. And painted it.


  2. Hi Thank you for all the wonderful idea's! Boy people who use your idea's to make and sell furniture ought to push that donate button. you really help them be way more

    I am a painter and only do furniture when I have to for decorating projects on occassion..but I enjoy looking at your beautiful things. I also make Dolls so occassionally need to build a box to put her venture for me. You can see on my blog.

    I love Vancouver. I was up there for Christmas a few years ago and saw all the wonderful antique and creative shops up there. You and your fellow artists are doing amazing things so creative!! My husband is a musician and we do concerts in Bellingham or is it Bellview once in a while and we run over the boarder to see what you are all up to!!!

    Check out my husbands music. He plays a 20 string harp guitar. Hope you get a chance to hear his music. I made some of the music videos for him...

    I am on your list and hear from you often and thought I would say Hi!!