A BED PARTNER - kristin's night stand

Kristin is enjoying a new space, and enjoying the process of decorating it.
She's also pretty handy because she re assembled this bed frame once she got it home.

When she picked it up it wouldn't fit in the car without being completely taken apart.
We were lucky because I had built this one so every part could be adjusted and there fore
could also be broken down into very manageable parts.
She also picked up a single bedside table from me but wanted a second one.
They didn't have to match but they had to be cohesive.

This handsome oak beauty was found.
It's the same style as the first, but a few things had to be done to it.

All the original hardware was removed and the holes filled.
I had to find another set of handles to complement the first ones and get them painted.

Both tables were painted in ASCP Old White and waxed.

They make great bed partners don't you think?

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  1. Very pretty. I love these cute nightstands. The handles are perfect.


  2. I do love that they don't match exactly and I love the handles. I hate sets of furniture, but I love it when pieces are painted the same color, are similar, but each have their own details. Great work as always.

  3. Sweet Nightstand! I wanted to let you know that I just featured your gorgeous French typography Dresser, over on my DIY Blog. You can find it here http://www.graphicsfairy-diy.com/2012/01/fabulous-french-typography-dresser.html

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