OTTOMANS - re-upholstered

I ran across 2 identical cat devoured faux leather ottomans at a yard sale
but I didn't buy them.

 Later that day we came across a yard sale with bolts and bolts of upholstery weight designer
 fabrics. They were selling the last yard or so from upholstery work they had done in the past.

I chose several rolls which included this zebra print. It was thick and a beautiful print.

I also bought this thick 1/4" plush creamy white velour. 

The problem was I didn't buy the ottomans when I first saw them. So then I raced back
to their last known location fingers crossed the whole way.

It was near the end of the day but as you guessed they were still there. 

The zebra one was re-upholstered that week but the plush white has just been finished now. 

They have great hinges that keep the lid open and they close with a feather light touch.

Which would you prefer for your home?

I've shared this transformation at:
Black Kats DesignMy Repurposed Life

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  1. Oh those are beautiful just wrap the zebra & send it to me please lol

  2. Oooooo I love the ZEBRA!! How cute are these??? Great buy and the transformation is awesome! Thank you for stopping to see me at my blog,I appreciate you taking the time! Very sweet of you.
    Happy Valentine's Day, my cyber friend!
    Carol in beautiful Georgia!!(65 degrees here today!!!)

  3. The zebra for sure; I've been saying for a couple of months that I NEED a touch of animal print in my life!

  4. They are both beautiful, but since I am more a leopard print girl I am going with the white. I love animal prints and think they go with any style don't you? I'll bet they look gorgeous in your home:)
    ~Debra xxx
    Capers of the vintage vixens

  5. Hi there, your newest follower:) Both are gorgeous, depending on the space. I'd gravitate towards the white tufted, only because its a nice contrast to my bold use of color on the walls in my home:)

    Your stuff is amazing, what talent you have! I know for a fact I'll be re-visiting your blog as many of my clients prefer upcycled and vintage furniture, as do I:) Please stop by my interior decor and photography blog and have a visit. Thank you!

    C'est La Vie

  6. Oh my those are fabulous! I have a soft spot for Zebra :)

  7. For some reason... I am very attracted to Zebra!! I have a zebra purse but no home decor. They both look great Kristy!!

  8. ooh i really love the white tufted! so pretty! i could rest my feet there. :)

  9. Both,Please!
    We're re-doing my daughter's room rigt now- PINK and Zebra! SO, zebra for her and you can just send the white one to me! ;)

  10. They are both great, but I LOVE the white one! Would be awesome at the foot of our bed. :)

  11. They both look fab, I'd love the white one but fear it wouldn't stay white for long around my boys!

  12. very pretty! You did a super job!