PAPERWORK PLEASE - 1951 cherry wood desk

Inspired by this modest double pedestal desk
in bright white.
I went searching on Craig's list to find this.
And created this little fellow.

He has a great pull down
for a keyboard or to hide your laptop.
It slides in and out for maximum comfort.
The cup pulls were clearance $1.25 from
Lee Valley, however were brilliant brass.
Nothing a little sanding
and black spray paint couldn't cure.
I love desks that have that
extra work surface pull out.
The back was painted so he could sit
proudly anywhere in the room.
He was sold to furnish a First Class Suite,
a local hotel alternative.

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  1. Anonymous16 October

    I love your work - truly very beautiful.

    I'm looking for a desk just like this. Is this for sale? I actually want to buy 2 identical desks that I can put back to back for my kids to use. Could you email me?

  2. Wow, this turned out so beautiful. You should be very proud!

    Warmly, Michelle



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