RECYCLED TIERED STAND - tips & inspiration

It doesn't matter if you stop in to a thrift store once a year or
once a week the abundance of metal kitchen ware is huge. I 
have been picking up interesting metal kitchen pieces for 
years and adding them to a box I call parts. In that box, I
collect all the bits needed to make recycled tiered stands.
Let me show you some of the ones I have made and offer 
some valuable tips for building your own.

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COLONEL MUSTARD DID IT - reclaiming a teenagers bedframe

Colonel Mustard did

it with the knife in

the board room!

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Passed on to me from someone who knows what I
do, I was super excited the day I loaded this cabinet
into my truck. I have always wanted to makeover
one of these cabinets. Little did I know so much
time would pass before I could get started on it.

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This light fixture in my showroom looks great
now but it took a long time figuring out how to
get it to look this good. I had found and bought
many different fixtures to dress it up but nothing
work right until I thought outside the box and
found this crystal thing-a-ma-jig at a yard sale.

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