The Deja Vu market that was held in North Vancouver
last weekend was great. There were a steady stream
of customers coming through the door. People were 
snapping up treasures in every booth. And the selection
of vendors was perfect, everything from baked goods
to vintage oil cans, all manor of reclaimed furniture
and custom made spool clocks. Here are just a few
photos I took while shopping and I have included a
ton of valuable links along with them.

The clock pictured above is double sided and you can learn more about the artist here: 


More beautiful pictures of this market can be seen on DEJA VU's Facebook page:

A big *THANK YOU* to the organizer of this market
for bringing venues like this to all of us to enjoy.

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  1. Thank you Kristy & George for the Visiting Deja Vintage Vintage Market . Your pictures are wonderful ! I love that the vendors, are able to showcase their vintage goodies to Vancouver Vintage lovers now !!



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