I use to have a large village with a bridge, street lights and
tons of little bottle brush trees. I also had lots of little people
to walk the streets and fence lines in my village. It is great
when children get to enjoy Christmas villages so a few years
ago I past everything on to my nephews to enjoy. They even
got the train.

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I have an old metal and wood sled I display
on the porch each winter. The wood has been
getting pretty weathered and I have seen some
really pretty sleighs on Pinterest painted white
so I gave mine an update with some Annie
Sloan Chalk Paint.

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I mentioned last week that I have been decorating my mother's
home as well as my own. This is a peek into how her home
is shining and waiting for all of us to arrive for our big family
dinner. Please enjoy these photos ....

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CHRISTMAS DECOR 2014 - part 3

Our Christmas bed this year definitely has a starry
night feeling to it, which for the holidays is a lot of
fun. Last year I used snow flakes on the window
over our bed and paired that with a heavy red
plaid & wool blanket for a snow lodge theme.
It has been quite warm this year so the starry
night theme seems to work better.
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CHRISTMAS DECOR 2014 - part 2

This is day two of the Christmas décor for 2014
and it's all about our Christmas tree. I hope you
enjoy looking around our cozy home for the holidays.
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CHRISTMAS DECOR 2014 - part 1

This year I'm decorating two homes, mine and my mothers.
Mother is very traditional and I'm not, so it gets confusing
when I go from one home to the other. I hope to share some
of her home in the days to come. Our main space has been
decorated in vintage whites with greenery and sparkling glass.
These are the photos taken of the décor around the TV.
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20 FURNITURE APPLIQUES that will keep you inspired


Appliques and wood decorations are a fun and clever way to
add ornate design to a furniture or cabinet project. I've used
appliques to hide old screw holes and damage to the wood on
a few projects. They can change the shape of furniture and
even change the era it may seem to belong to. Wood
appliques can usually just be glued into place but when you
get creative and start thinking outside of the box you will
need something stronger to mount cast iron ornaments like
on this blue dresser (#1)

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Black paint finishes are tricky and hard to make look
right, and I don't work with Annie Sloan's Graphite
paint all that often but when I do I have a tried and
tested method to get that great finish that I want.
I have finished two short videos to share with you
of me using dark wax on AS Graphite paint and
using fine steel wool to apply it. 

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SANTA'S MAGIC KEY - christmas tutorial

The Christmas season has arrived and we started by
making a special little gift to send to George's
Grand-daughters, Santa's Magic Key. When I was
their age my house had a small chimney that went
into a wood stove and I worried Santa would not be
able to deliver our presents. When Santa has a magic
key waiting for him he has no trouble getting into
homes that do not have a fireplace. One Christmas
I even slept on the floor of the bathroom so I could
see when he might come through our front door.
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