BUILDING A STORE DISPLAY - decorating books

My friend owns an amazing home decor 
store our town. She had just got a large
order of books in and it was time to get
them displayed. The creative monster in
me wanted to try and find unconventional
ways to display the books.

Every so often she asks me if I would like to come in and
 build a display in the store front, so that day I went into town
 and had a play date with Carrie of The Passionate Home.

I used a tractor seat, & stacked books on clay pots,
I used a concrete bird bath and some kind of trough,
I put books in wooden garden totes &
built a display on a giant crock pot,
 some were piled on top of a cabinet
& some displayed on a chair,
& in the middle of it all there is a desk just waiting to be seen

These books should cause some great decorating inspiration
and they would all look super on the coffee table.


if we have any shabby chic white hardware for your next project.



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