I don't have a real garden but I did do some rearranging in the yard this past long weekend.
My sister gave me this strange little garden fairy (above) years ago and she moves from place to
place as things evolve. This spring she has taken up residence greeting visitors. Yes those are
her feet inside the hollow log, she came in 3 parts so you can play with her placement. Another
 thing that got a new place is my white iron bistro chairs, I enjoy stopping in the middle of a task and
 having a seat so I hope they will get more use in the new spot from where they use to be. I hope to
 share some more of my outdoor space with you when I can find the time to take some more photos.
I am the loyal recycler and most everything I used to create this new space was pieces I already had.
For those who have not taken the house tour before please stop by to check out the inside:

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