I always have a selection of painted mason jars available. They have so many uses around the house
 and they are an easy an inexpensive way to add color to a room. There are 3 different blues in this
 photo and they are all custom mixed starting with ASCP Provence. I spray my jars to get a uniform
finish without brush markers. I also wax my painted jars. The longer you wait to distress the
 better. Give the paint some curing time, i.e. a day or two. These 2 jars seen below are another ASCP
 custom mixed grey color.
They have been photographed a top of a project I'm currently finishing up. A pair of three drawer
dressers that could be used bedside. The first is complete as you can see below. The second is still undergoing the paint process so they will be listed soon.

If you are interested let me know and I can provide some more details.


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  1. Very Nice they all look great!

  2. Kristy, I really admire the way that the lettering on the grey jars stand out - this is something that gets kinda "lost" when I use my plain ones. Is part of this contrast in the photo-taking, or are the brand/labels really that discernible? I've got a pretty good collection from Mennonite auctions; even after we purged a lot of them and kept the more unusual examples. Do you have any suggestions regarding what colour of ascp (or other consideration) gives the typography this clarity?



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