I was 12 years old the first time I heard there was a problem with my back. After some x-rays, the doctor told mom and me that I had a defect in my spine and I would not be able to have a labour intensive job as an adult. Being a child this didn't mean much to me. I was skinny and fierce, I excelled at all the sports I played, with awards to show for it all. I was invincible, what did he know.

By the time I was 16 I could feel it and I learned to realize each time I had pushed my back too far.
Over the next few years I learned that a good sleep made things feel much better. This is when my
 bed became very important to me.

Over the years I always made sure I had a haven to retreat to when the day had been too much. At the
 age of 20 I broke my lower back and things progressively got worse. That's when I started to build
 my bed taller. It is so much easier to slip out of bed straight onto your feet or hop in to bed when it is
 level with me standing.

This past summer I built a new queen sized bed frame with no foot board to work better with my 
storage box spring. I had my sleigh bed long before I got the box spring and they just didn't work
well together so this was a plan I had for awhile. I started with a plain mid-century double sized
headboard. I lifted it and widened it with some new lumber screwed to the outsides of
the original legs. I made the top wider with these fancy carved chair arms.

Here it is in place, you can barely see any of the details with all of my pillows. 
But I know it's there and get to see what I built every time I make the bed.

The side rails attach to a 2 x 4 at the foot of the bed with two hardwood cabriolet legs on either corner.

Have a great night sleep!! 

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