MR P AND HIS BISCUITS - store display

We know you ladies have been wondering about the man of the house, Mrs. P's honey do, her partner
 in crime and all things vintage. Well the truth is Mr. P does have his own interest in time warn,
 vintage items, they just happen to be of the guy variety.
This week in The Great Adventures of Mrs. P we bring to you Mr. P and his office space.

Have a look around at all the vintage guy things Mr P collects.
Buckets and boxes, wood and metal, gears and everything industrial feeling.
I'm loving the Caribou Railway Art and wish I had wall space for it myself.

 He has a galvanised bucket for keeping tad poles, sinker bags, an old fishing tackle box, car
advertising and his favorite is trunks. When he and the Mrs. are out antiquing they often play
a game to see who finds the better vintage trunk purchase.

He wins more times than she, as it would seem he has the right eye for old leather, vintage tin
 hardware, and he always finds the perfect size trunk to fit the next space.

Another item he has equal passion for is old labelled crate wood.

Back in the day, labels were stenciled on crated goods and when the crate was emptied and
no longer needed the wood found its way into other furniture, like this storage box make with old
 Uneeda Biscuit crate wood.

Interestingly enough I was in a Mr. P mood and felt we had to look up some information on
this Uneeda Biscuit box. I found out prior to 1898 crackers were sold loosely packed in barrels.
Not a very fresh way to package crackers!
Uneeda Biscuits were developed at the turn of the century by The National Biscuit Company, AKA
Nabisco and were packaged in a new system of inter-folded wax paper and cardboard to keep them
fresher. Who knew reading a decorating blog would get you a history lesson on a snack food. 

Mrs. P chose the burlap drapes and Mr. P picked the industrial candle lantern,
it resembles Restoration Hardware a tiny bit eh???

The room came together for us quite well and it looks even more amazing in person,
so be sure to stop in to see it for yourself in the next 2 weeks. If there is something in the display
you would like to buy get in there sooner.

Here is a recap of all the rooms we have featured from Mrs. P's home this summer 

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