A DAY OUT - merchandising TPH

Yesterday I was invited down to The Passionate Home to do some furniture merchandising.
These are the results ...

This is an amazing full bedroom set including
headboard, footboard, and rails with a medium hyboy dresser (right above)
a ladies dresser w/ tilting mirror (below left) and a vanity with stool and tri fold mirror (below right)
all the pieces have glass knobs and are a wonderful warm antique white.

I used to merchandise for a living but not in a home decor enviroment.
I had a lot of fun doing this and chatting with Carrie and Elinor while working.
My regular days are more like that of a hermit with only a kat to talk at,
althought she does talk back.

I would like to have one of those big fat corbels on my bedside at home so why not here in the store,
and look at that kewl flower shaped mirror in the background.

I specifically went to work with the new bedroom area but that didn't stop me
from completely re-doing a couple of other areas.

 and for the final pics
some of the most adorable owls I have ever seen.

If you live locally to The Passionate Home you have to stop in to take in the full view
of my work yesterday, it looks amazing.
Disclaimer: I do not work for The Passionate Home I just enjoy spending time there.

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