The flu came to visit, introduced it's self to George, they chatted a bit and left him alone.
The next evening in the late hours of night it came back to have a word with me, I must have lipped it off cause the damn thing took hold of me and abused me in every way imaginable for the next 11 days, which brings us to today *MY BIRTHDAY*.
 My eyes are still weeping, I sound like a hyena, and I'm regularly medicating myself just to
get to the next cat nap. I have not been able to work or blog, even sitting reading emails has
been difficult. I'm afraid this was my bodies way of saying "you should have gone on vacation"
I do have another simple applique trick that I have been wanting to show you and the photos
have been sitting here waiting.
Think about all those decorative shower curtain hooks you see at thrift stores.
I twisted the metal hook out of the resin shape, some broke in half so I glued them back together.
Once glued onto your furniture project and painted they don't resemble shower hooks at all.

I do not recall ever being this sick.
Projects will slowly get back on track soon and so will the blogging
George has done a fine job of taking care of me
and I can't wait to see what brings home for my birthday gift!
Yes honey ... that's pressure!!!!

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  1. Oh you poor soul!! Happy Birthday just the same, hon..our birthdays come and go and don't care how you feel, lol.. Yep, hubby has a cold and caugh for 1 week and going quite strong. He's going to the Dr. tomorrow, he's been like you just medicating himself and sounding like a hyena too, lol..I love the applique, what a great idea, even for any piece of furniture! Love it! Have a healthier week, honey.

  2. Take it easy - I don't want anything to happen to the most talented up-cycler of furniture ever!
    Cheers, gabrielle

  3. Hope your feeling better soon, sucks that you are sick. Shower curtain hooks who would have thought. You have me looking at everything as an applique now lol. Now I will be on the hunt for interesting shower hooks. sending big hugs, Tobey

  4. You are so great to take time out of your sick bed to teach us something new. Have a grand what is left of the day, maybe a bubble bath or a hot toddy. Thanks for all you are and your fabulous skills.

    La Verne

  5. Sorry you feel like s#%t and hope your back to yourself soon. But then again, having Geo wait on you and napping isn't so bad. Hope he delivers some goodies to the birthday girl.


  6. Sorry to hear you're sick....and especially on your birthday! No fun...:( Hope you're feeling better soon! I wanted to thank you for all the tips you give about adding the details to furniture and the items you use. I look at everything in a new light now....:) I absolutely love your style and your pieces are always gorgeous!

    Blessings, Vicky
    Life On Willie Mae Lane

    1. Oh! I almost forgot....Happy Birthday! :)

  7. I was wondering why you hadn't been on....
    Happy Happy Birthday Gal!!

  8. Oh I am feeling queasy thinking about being this sick. I so hope you feel better by the time you read this comment. I am mad at myself now. I gave away a huge lot of shower curtain hooks that had these adorable flowers on them, already white! I just couldn't figure out what to do with them, and in a fit of cleaning, gave them away. What a great idea for little details!!

    Just forget it is your birthday and pretend it actually falls on a day when you feel a whole bunch better!

    1. DITTO Karen's sentiment!
      --either thAt, or celebrate EVEN BIGger once you've kicked that flu to the curb--strike that, throw it off a tall cliff!
      Happy Birthday dolly!

  9. That terrible flu bug bit me too and I was sicker than I have been in over 20 years. Thankfully it finally came to an end but I am still super tired. This is a terrible way to spend your birthday. I like the idea of pretending it your birthday is on another day but you have my best wishes for a wonderful year no matter what day you celebrate it. Happy Birthday.

  10. Happy Birthday!! I hope you get to feeling better son.

  11. I don't know whether to feel sorry for your flu or your birthday! (just a little joke)
    I hope you get better soon and can really celebrate your special day. You deserve it!

  12. Sorry you got the flu, I hope it passes quickly!
    Happy Birthday and you can always hold the celebration until your well-that's what I would do.

  13. SO creative. I never would have thought of shower curtain hooks...