The flu came to visit, introduced it's self to George, they chatted a bit and left him alone.
The next evening in the late hours of night it came back to have a word with me, I must have lipped it off cause the damn thing took hold of me and abused me in every way imaginable for the next 11 days, which brings us to today *MY BIRTHDAY*.
 My eyes are still weeping, I sound like a hyena, and I'm regularly medicating myself just to
get to the next cat nap. I have not been able to work or blog, even sitting reading emails has
been difficult. I'm afraid this was my bodies way of saying "you should have gone on vacation"
I do have another simple applique trick that I have been wanting to show you and the photos
have been sitting here waiting.
Think about all those decorative shower curtain hooks you see at thrift stores.
I twisted the metal hook out of the resin shape, some broke in half so I glued them back together.
Once glued onto your furniture project and painted they don't resemble shower hooks at all.

I do not recall ever being this sick.
Projects will slowly get back on track soon and so will the blogging
George has done a fine job of taking care of me
and I can't wait to see what brings home for my birthday gift!
Yes honey ... that's pressure!!!!

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