GETTING BACK TO WORK - white table & bread box

I can't believe what this flu has put me through in the last 2 weeks.
I have never experienced anything like it before and do not wish it upon anyone else.
I'm still sick and napping several times a day, but the projects have started again. 
I'm taking it easy doing up some small stuff and simpler painting projects.

This table needed repairs, cleaning, and a new paint job
I could manage that.

It has a rustic white finish with a wax top coat.

It can be used in many different places in your home,
bedside table, extra kitchen surface, desk, front entry, laundry room, the list goes on. 

Another project I tackled was a bread box.

I found this one on our Thrift Shop Hop last week.
I painted it a creamy white and added a fresh bread daily graphic to the door.


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