GETTING BACK TO WORK - white table & bread box

I can't believe what this flu has put me through in the last 2 weeks.
I have never experienced anything like it before and do not wish it upon anyone else.
I'm still sick and napping several times a day, but the projects have started again. 
I'm taking it easy doing up some small stuff and simpler painting projects.

This table needed repairs, cleaning, and a new paint job
I could manage that.

It has a rustic white finish with a wax top coat.

It can be used in many different places in your home,
bedside table, extra kitchen surface, desk, front entry, laundry room, the list goes on. 

Another project I tackled was a bread box.

I found this one on our Thrift Shop Hop last week.
I painted it a creamy white and added a fresh bread daily graphic to the door.


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  1. Sorry you had that nasty flu, but glad you are up and about, even being limited to what you can do. Love the bread box. Do you mind sharing where you got the graphic? Love it very much.
    Thanks and hurry and get completely well.
    Audrey Z. @ Timeless Treasures

  2. I am so sorry you have been sick-What a crummy time of the year to have this happen. Glad you are feeling well enough to do a few projects again. Love the graphics! xo Diana

  3. You certainly express your love of wood beautifully! Such a talent and passion.

    Please continue to get strong.




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