Here are some of the many treasures I found this past weekend.
I need more furniture like I need another hole in the head!
I've been up cycling standard jewellery boxes but I've been wanted to try my hand
at altering a big beautiful silverware box into a jewellery drawer.
I think this would be handier for us ladies with large collections of bling.
Looks like the time has come and I'll have to find just the right graphic for the top.
While we were out thrifting we had the chance to stop in and visit The Passionate Home.
I decided to walk in with my fabulous blue hydrangeas I had just purchased (second hand).
When Carrie saw the cheap price tag I believe she called me a colorful name @#$%^
That is what it's all about, getting out there and finding amazing deals on things you love.
She had also just spend full price for some store display hydrangeas. Wink!

I often pick up bits and pieces of wood and metal objects to incorporate into
new and unique pillar candle holders. I was able to find a few more pieces to play with.
The starfish dish (made in spain) is for my collection of things I adore.
Now if I can just find the matching one I have stashed around here somewhere.
I spent all Saturday night and early Sunday cleaning, painting, and polishing
some new finds to get some nice photos taken.
Stop in to see the new shabby chic white hardware available at firstfinds.

I'd also like to Welcome all my new subscribers who came over from Facebook yesterday,
(I see Second Chance Furnishings on the list this morning)
and update my current subscribers with what has been going on ... 

Feedburner, the program Google uses to email blog posts to subscribers has been sending out
random posts from the past and at this time there is little I can do to stop it.
Google offers no solution to the many bloggers that this is happening to.
Because of this many are choosing to unsubscribe.
I will always respect your choice to receive and read what you wish and if these repeat emails are
 causing you to consider leaving I wanted you to know what is going on.
You can always check the date the posting came out right at the top under the title.


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