TRICKING THE EYE - map drawer dresser

One thing I've been keeping from you regarding our weekend Thrift Shop Hop
was the excellent deal one of my ladies got.

I spied this black dresser (nothing super amazing) but it had over
$70 worth of reproduction glass knobs on it.
The dresser had a price of $17.50 so I offered to add the dresser to the ever waiting list
of things to re purpose and she could take the knobs.

When I woke the next morning I walked out to see this dresser I had agreed to take on.
So simple, so boring, but it was made of plywood and solid wood, I can work with this.

All I could see was these funny divided drawers ...
I always tell ppl to work with what you got!
So I took a simple boring six drawer dresser and turned it into
a funky vintage looking map drawer chest.

All 6 drawers are completely lined with a heavy sheet music paper.
I added a dozen vintage handles with an antiqued brass finish to make it look like 12 drawers.

This is a super multifunctional piece, excellent height for a buffet,
would look fabulous as a TV console, or of course it would be great for bedroom storage.

I did work heavily on the structure, added a heavy and beautifully curving base molding,
along with a set of aluminum cabriolet legs

The legs I used on this piece are from Richelieu, product # BP560060

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THRIFT SHOP HOP INVENTORY - photo recap of the day

George came up with the idea of a thrift shop hop several weeks ago
and this past Saturday we all set out on that amaziing first adventure.

We hit a few yard sales, one of which was on a horse farm held for charity
and then on to a thrift store before stopping at a local
Vintage Market being held that day.

Here he is with the 2 ladies that road with him for the day.

Joelle is offering me ideas for something she wants.

Then off to a ReStore

by noon George was whining for lunch so the mandatory Canadian
Tim Horton's Lunch Break was made.

Once everyone was rested, refreshed and rehydrated
it was time for some major thrifting again.

Thrift Store #3

Thrift Store #4

Thrift Store #5 

Our last stop of the day was at our
Favorite Antique Dealer

By now George is goofing off so much I know he needs his nap.
Time to head home.
After 8 hours it is to be expected.

These are some of my finds for the day.

The next Hop has been scheduled for Aug 18th check out the info at:

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#2 VENEER - rebuilding missing veneer

Here's the second article of the VENEER series.
*links to all articles are listed at the end of this article*

This article explains how to fill small areas
of missing veneer for painted furniture

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WHATNOTS TO WONDERLAND - shabby chic tall cabinet

I do so love mashing together bits of furniture to make something amazing.
My frightening to french cabinet has the highest page views on this blog of all my projects.
It's all over Pinterest and it was built long before Pinterest was ever popular.
I have been craving to build something similar, so without further ado plz meet the
Whatnots to Wonderland shelf.



It certainly would not look out of place on the set of ONCE UPON A TIME
which is ironically filmed locally and a favorite show of mine.

I named this piece the WONDERLAND SHELF because of all the
whimsical curving shapes I used and created. 

Our lead cast member was a simple solid wood provincial nightstand.
It is a high quality, solid wood, Canadian made Malcolm piece
that is just too damn short at 24".

Next on stage was a heavy pine, book shelf head board.
With this piece I created the shelving that would sit on top of the nightstand.

 Here are some of the other whatnots used to build the
Wonderland Shelf.

2 different aprons that had been removed from earlier projects were used to trim the shelves.

The whimsical shape of the upper cabinet came from the backs of 2 dining chairs, and
the beautiful wood carved topper was torn from a 1960s upholstered living room chair.


I was over joyed when I realized these equally whimsical over sized knobs
would work more magic on the drawer faces.

The back of the shelves are lined with a white anaglypta wallpaper.
Anaglypta is a Greek term meaning "raised ornament".
These wallpapers have an embossed or texture surface that resembles fine plasterwork.
Anaglypta papers are washable and paintable.


Have you stopped into firstfinds hardware store lately?
Here are just some of the items available for your projects.

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