FENCE BOARD CLOCK - paris clock

Here is a little something I whipped up for a Christmas gift.
Okay it's not really little at 28" across and I've never made a clock before but I have been wanting to
try this for some time. In reality I made a cool round sign and learned some valueable lessons
on installing a clock mechanism with really long hands.
I built the clock face from old fence boards, screwing strapping boards across the back.

With a jigsaw I then cut it into a circle, this photo was taken before I got a nice clean cut.
It helps a great deal if you start out with a NEW sharp blade.

I used ASCP pure white for the face,

with grey and black for the graphics.

Here you can see the detailing of the distressed wood and the fleshly finished
Roman numbers that still needed to have an aged look. The tape was used to
provide a nice edge to the outer circle I added in black.
The fence boards measured 3/4" thick and I bought a clock mechanism made for a 3/4" surface,
however I still needed to drill out a bit to get the nut on and tightened up the right amount.

The final step and I suppose very critical one is to get the hands installed correctly
making sure they have enough space between each so your new clock can keep perfect time.
A little bonus for those who are local to White Rock
will be having Hands-On Demo for image transfer classes
just like this pillow seen below
January 19
February 3
check out the link and contact them if interested.


  1. This is so awesome! It is very neat that you could make it yourself. I'm still working up to projects like this. Keep it coming.

  2. Love the clock!! I've wanted to make a large clock like this! Can I ask you where you got the large clock hands? I've looked for them before and could never find them.
    My husband has made large clocks out of 24" X 24" cieling tins but we just happened on to the large hands but I would like to find somewhere to order them. Thanks so much, love your blog!

  3. So very cute! I love it. I love working with scrap wood. It's become a bit of an issue in my home though because I can't seem to throw anything away! You never know when you will need it for a project. Love the clock!

  4. How did you do the stenciling on it?

  5. Beautiful job on the clock! I have made a few myself & know how frustratingly delicate the movement/hands can be. I like to use the 12" hands & they can be a challenge. I'm sure the receiver was very happy with it. Dee from My Painted Stuff.

  6. I love this clock and how lucky was the recipient!! I have large hands for a giant clock I have been meaning to make, those are great tips!

    Hope you have a beautiful New Years. Happy Holidays! -K

  7. "A little something you whipped up". Aw, girl, you intimidate and amaze me! Love the clock.

  8. I love this great clock and bet the person you made it for is thrilled. I usually don't give things that I have made away, I guess I am afraid the person recieving it would like it because it is homemake. But this year I have been making things for a few friends and have really enjoyed it. I hope your Christmas was wonderful and I am looking forward to seeing all your creations in the new year.

  9. So beautiful - shared it over at my Facebook page! And Pinned! Take care, Laura

  10. Cool clock dolly!
    But--it hasn't arrived in the mail yet--?
    ; D Catherine

  11. Love the clock and love Cottage Paint too.



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