We started out with bedside lamps on our nightstands,

but I would swap out the lamps any time I found something new and more exciting.

Sometimes it would be the shades that I changed or sometimes I would try a different color.

I was just never content with the look or style.

Then one day I came across a chandelier for $1 at a yard sale.
It was missng the ceiling plate and 2 of the candle sleeves, but it was only a dollar!
And this $1 chandelier happen to be the exact match to one I had already purchased a year earlier for $100.

I sprayed them out in a bright white, drilled holes to hang crystals, bought new candle sleeves,
and rewired them with cord switches at the bed height so we could switch them off easily
right before falling into dream land.

We have enjoyed them now for several months and are we are both very happy.
The light they provide is romantic and the extra space on the night stands is much appreciated.

I have coveted chandeliers with porcelain flowers hanging from them for a long time.
Just like the ones Amy sells at Maison Decor

Well guess what I found while on the hunt recently ...
I felt like a lotto winner!

There was 3 colors in the lot I bought, white, pink, and blue.
I'm keeping the white but have reluctantly agreed to let George sell the others
in his Etsy shop firstfinds.

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