STEP INTO HER WORLD - jen's home tour

When you enter, you are greeted by a whimsical white cuckoo clock
(and yes it does cuckoo)
then your eye is drawn around the room to find a royal welcome mat.

This is a tour through the home of a good customer
and someone we now call friend.

Her living room clock is also amazing, it looks like a mercury glass mirror,
picking up all the wonderful colors reflectioned from the sofa.

Jen has come across some fabulous finds since setting up her home.
(these photos were taken 3 months after moving in)

The master bedroom is still being worked on but with a bed this glamorous to
climb into each night who really worries.

George has decided he wants a bed just like it, I want a patch work cow hide rug

She has fun accesories found in every room.
There's George enjoying a chat while I'm playing photographer.

For the bathroom, Jen ended up buying 2 different shabby chic ruffled shower curtains,
now that she has figured out which she likes better she is reselling this one below.

If anyone has been looking to get one and is interested in saving some money off the retail price,
let me know. She's only asking $70.
I'll post another photo in the SHOWROOM with information.

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1 comment:

  1. I saw you compromise...... a bed like that with a bit of padded cow patchwork in the center. I can actually picture that.


    Waving hi to George.