We took a trip out Chilliwack last night
and here are some quick photos I took in the expo's vintage alley.

Elisa of Home Sweet Nest has some marvelous smalls to choose from at great prices.

Home Sweet Nest also has some wonderful furniture pieces.
She has a fun Hudsons Bay Company Themed Bench (not pictured)
upholstered with a vintage mink coat.
I just may try that some time.

Country Lane Decor has some beautiful work displayed of furniture built with reclaimed wood.

The ladies of The Passionate Home are having on site chalk paint demos.

They also have some great vintage goodies you can purchase.

This is my favorite shot,
in the back ground you can see our sweet Elinor of the Passionate Home.


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  1. Yum a fur bench. I think that would be fabulous.

  2. wow~ What great photos. I'll bet it was fun to be there and see it all in person. Did you buy anything fun? I would have loved to have tagged along with you-xo Diana

  3. I think I want to add a vintage typewriter to my decorating. I really do like them :) Thank you for a lovely visual shopping trip. Hugs, Jan

  4. You are coming with me next time to take photos. I gave that job to my daughter with her cell phone at Junk Market yesterday and lets just say she didn't take enough of interesting stuff.

    Please DO make something with a mink, and is there really a place called Chilliwack? That's funny!


  5. I wish I lived close enough to many beautiful things! Do give the bench idea a try,I'm sure it will be amazing!

  6. Hi Kristy! Thanks so much for visiting my booth at the show last night - the pics you took are great! Also, the fur bench sold today to a lovely lady from South Africa so it's being shipped to it's new home - very exciting! I had alot of visitors today that mentioned your post so thanks so much!
    Elisa from home sweet nest

  7. Wish I could be there. But since I can't, I am so glad that you shared these photos of some lovely items!


  8. Hi, Kristy!
    I loved your photos!!!
    I was there and visited Elisa from Home Sweet Nest and saw the famous fur bench!!!
    I also visited The Passionate Home and fell in love with a pink chair Carrie was distressing... I need to get me some Antoniette!!! I love your stuff, I will comment more!




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