Some assume this photo is of a coat,
but really it is a tree skirt I have made from repurposed linens.

This is quite large and is made from a set of 4 pillow cases.

It looks amazing under the tree.

This is a no sew skirt.

Below is a medium sized light blue one made from an old duvet cover

A NO-SEW tutorial can be seen here:

and a SEWN tutorial can been found here:

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TYPOGRAPHY FURNITURE - tables and stools

It started with a simple stool and grew from there.

When I finished this typography stool I knew I wanted to do more.

This great little side table and the matching coffee table
came from MRS. Perkins, one of George's many beloved customers.
The were both falling apart and she was tired of dealing with them any more.

Now you need to know that Mrs. Perkins is a Scottish fire ball whom I've met on many occasions.
She even had me do some repairs in her apartment.
She is such a kind and fun lady so I needed to fix up these pieces just right. 

They both look amazing.

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For those of you looking for a Jeff Foxworthy stand up routine of the same name,
you will be disappointed. This article is to help give you ideas and offer suggestions
in repurposing items into new and fabulous signs to hang and enjoy in your home.
This FARM FRESH MILK tote is a thrift store item that was probably made in a workshop class.
It manages to move around my house quite a bit and shows up in many photos. The other side says
The EAT sign is a discarded china cabinet door with a glass insert.
The FRESH BREAD DAILY sign was a hexagon table top and the French sign below is a
Christmas sign that was repainted.
How about using the back rest of an old broken chair as a WELCOME sign.

This elaborate sign is made from a footboard and old plastic mirror frame. The foot board has been
turned upside down, and the frame of the mirror was cut top and bottom and attached to the board.
My PARIS FLEA MARKET sign that hangs in our bedroom was painted on a very old board
that was a dresser drawer bottom. Many of the really old dressers are falling apart so we can't use
 them as intended so finding new uses for the wood like this is perfect.
Dresser drawer backs can be made of some really nice wood so before you throw the whole dresser
away check to see if you can draw yourself a COFFEE sign with a black sharpie.

The 10 cent LAUNDRY sign on the right is a piece of maple originally used in a dresser as the side
 of a drawer. 2 discarded oak kitchen cabinet doors hang above the shelf. These are perfect way to
recycle wood parts from furniture and renovations. The WHITEHALL LAUNDRY is an actual fabric
 laundry bag stretched in a frame. Another drawer part is the piece used for this BUY VINTAGE seen
 below. This sign hangs on my front porch.
Have fun creating your own signs!

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Fall again and most of my photos have to be taken in doors,
in the dim light of our home.

During the colder darker winter months I am always checking the weather forecasts
planning my next photo shoot.
So you can say some of my days revolve around the sun. 

Our home is too small for a dedicated photo space so I have to plan the right timing,
rearrange furniture and current projects all to get the right shots.

To get great angles of my furniture I crawl, climb, crouch, and get creative.
One time the fridge was in the way to get the right distance I wanted so
I opened the fridge door and took the shot with the camera from inside.

I enjoy getting great close up shots that capture the fine details of my work
or the beauty of the hardware I chose.

When we are out shopping I'm always on the look out for
beautiful things that I can used in my photos.
Like this little silver bird purchased at The Passioate Home in Langley
and sterling goblet I found second hand.

I have imagined this desk with different looks in my space.


Which look is your favorite?





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I'M NOT A FURNITURE REFINISHER - christine's shelf

There are a lot of ppl out there that refinish furniture,
and it would seem that that is what I do as well however
I like to think of myself as a furniture rescuer.

And like many professionals I have a uniform I wear when I go to work
I have many tools of the trade and every now and then I get the call to come rescue
some tired piece of furniture someone still sees hope in.

Here is one of those calls:

I've got a super, super old piece that might do well with some love from you! It's kind of like a bookshelf - maybe it used to be a cabinet of some sort. It's pretty beat up - don't know if it's valuable - but thought that if anyone could make it beautiful again, you would be a pretty good bet.  I think it might be fir - it's got kind of an art deco feel to it - the top front edge is rounded. It seems to have quite a few layers of paint on it - and the back is completely toast - it seems to just be a piece of fibre board or something cheap like that.  

drawer, toe kick, and back removed - legs added

Christine didn't want any money and if I wasn't interested she was going to
listing it on Craig's list free section later that week.
She genuinely wanted to see this saved and why not?
It was a good piece of solid wood furniture that has served many homes
for over 50 years.
It had been painted many times probably to match each decade it lived thru.
These old bed slats were perfect for the back of the shelf,
just measured, cut, and nailed in place.
I really don't understand how they would have ever supported a queen bed
as thin as they were, maybe that's why they were curbside in the first place.

I used my grinder to create different levels of the old paint.

I sprayed the whole unit with ASCP in old white,
then sanded it back to show it's age, and gave it a waxing from head to toe.

I really love how vintage this project turned out.



One last thing to get you moving this fine Saturday morning:

The Shore 104.3 FM team partnered with the Vancouver Adapted Music Society (VAMS) and The Canadian Music Therapy Trust Fund to produce this second installment of Music Saves.

This is something I listen to often while I work.

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