IT WAS HARD TRYING TO BE HER - copy me challenge

I actually started to make 3 vintage signs,
but the direction I was going didn't seem
to be junky enough. I will finish them
one day soon and post the results.
Now to the task at hand ...
 First I searched thru the
*JUNKER's blog* for inspiration.
Voila, there was her ladder shelving.
I can work with that!
Out to the shop I went to get the
old ladder daddy gave me.
 Then to every nook and cranny
in the house to find junk.
 I gots good junk!
For a tutorial of the wine glass hanger go here
 Great Grandpa's WWI canvas army bag
was perfect to hold all those cooking utensils.
 Old brass coat hooks from
the bottom of the junk drawer
make the coffee mugs easily accessible.
 Hardwood flooring transition sitting in the
 hall made the wineglass hangers. I've
wanted to do that project since I first saw it.
It worked perfectly.
 *S* hooks left over from a retail job last year
hook on to a metal support rod of the ladder to
hang these little lanterns.

 An old cigar box, a vintage cigarette tin,
and a rusty metal planter box all help
display the cutlery.
 My favorite is my antique Salter scale, which
is always on display somewhere in the house.
I couldn't resist this touch!
reminds me of our great Canadian Comedian
Russell Peters doing his stand up route
about the English accent.
For a good laugh go here
The results for me with this challenge is:
I found it hard to be like Funky Junk Donna.

Copy Me Challenge

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